About Us

Our Mission

Our team mainly comprises German programmers and designers, and we have been active in online business since 2012.

Our experts initially worked in search-engine optimization (SEO) and development of their own CMS. However, much of our attention shifted relatively quickly to online casino-software manufacturing. Most online casino software is expensive, with many providers requiring monthly payments, and a very large number of games remain Adobe Flash-based.

Therefore, our goal quickly became to develop software that:

  • Uses HTML5
  • Is mobile
  • Is inexpensive to purchase
  • Requires no recurring payments
  • Is based on a large, well-known CMS
  • Is safe

Today, we can proudly claim to have achieved these goals. Of course, we could have developed our own CMS, but in our opinion, to be totally honest, a self-developed CMS always has the potential to be error-prone and cannot compete with CMS options on the global market. We found our CMS at SilverStripe.

Ultimately, we surpassed our original target. While other providers charge horrendous sums for add-ons, you can get them for free from SilverStripe. A list of selected add-on functionalities can be found HERE. Using SilverStripe also means that you are completely independent of us in terms of design. With other providers, you are sometimes completely dependent on their designers, and their template options are sometimes very limited and expensive. If you purchase our software, you can simply commission the SilverStripe designer of your choice to develop a template tailored to your needs. In summary, this means:

  • Independence from our designers
  • You develop your own template and choose your own designer
  • You can use existing SilverStripe add-ons
  • You save lots of money

Why Germans?

Why do we stress that we are primarily a team of Germans? We are proud to act in accordance with our German business culture, operating under Hanseatic merchant-honor principles.

Unfortunately, this is not common practice in the field of online casino software manufacturers. For example, some vendors are not afraid to use motifs from well-known Hollywood films or computer games. Do you seriously believe that these vendors have all the necessary licenses to do so, or that major, world-renowned film companies need royalties from small software vendors? Legal liability from copyright/trademark infringements lies with the online casino operators who use such products. So, don’t let trendy pop-culture motifs dazzle you too quickly.

We can assure you that our software does not use pop-culture motifs illegally in any way.

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