For a seamless integration into the CMS, we have added a few new features. In the following the backend enhancements.


Menu item Pages

You can now select the page type "Game Holder" so that pages of this type will display a list of games.

After you have changed the page type, a new field called "Class Filter" will appear under the "Content" tab. Only games that have a class listed here will be displayed on the page.

Menu item Merchant
The menu item "Merchant" allows you to store IP-Secret and Merchant ID of your coinpayments.net profile. When your customers charge money the corresponding Bitcoins will be sent to this account.

Menu item Casino

In the menu item "Casino" you will find a list of all your casino games.
The "Games" tab lists the games, allows you to add new games by clicking "Add Game", edit games and delete games.

If you either click on edit or press "Add Game" you will be taken to the menu that you see in the picture below. The "Title" is the name of the game. The "Path" or path of the game describes the path of the game within the folder "games" in the root directory of your installation. The path is given without the folder name "games" and without the beginning of the path separator "/".
"Classes" is a list of all classes in which the game is located. The different classes are separated by a space.
An example would be "all slot". If you now have one of these terms in the "Content" position "Class Filter", the game is listed.

The "Transactions" tab lists every transaction in which a player has either won or lost money.



If you have changed the page type of the start page to "GameHolder", you will find a form there to either log in (frontend login) or register. If you want to change the layout or display the form on another page type, please modify the file "./casino/templates/Layout/GameHolder.ss".

Edit Profile

If you click on "Edit Profile" after logging in, you will be taken to the menu shown below. There you can change password, name and email address.

After clicking on "Recharge credit", you will get to the form shown below. There the customer can enter an amount and then press "PAY" to be redirected to coinpayments to make a payment from there.

Game Holder

The new page type lists all games whose classes it contains, as shown below. Click on the preview to get to the respective game.