What exactly do you offer?

We sell online casino software at an affordable, one-time price. Our software has standard bitcoin functionality via coinpayments.net. We would be happy to implement more payment methods for an additional charge and would be happy prepare an individual offer for you.

What we don’t sell are casino licenses. Various specialized service providers exist for this purpose. If you want to operate an online bitcoin casino, you may not need a gambling license and may be able to start immediately and without waiting.

I would like to buy your software. What’s the procedure?

You can find out more about the ordering process HERE.

What are the advantages of a bitcoin casino?

Operating a bitcoin casino lets you operate an online casino without a license, depending on jurisdiction. We must stress that it always depends on the individual case. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine whether you can operate an online bitcoin casino in your jurisdiction without a license.

After you have determined that you can operate an online bitcoin casino from your home country or your company’s jurisdiction, you can start setting up and operating your online bitcoin casino almost immediately, free of regulations or the need to wait for a casino license. Ideally, you should be able to operate your online bitcoin casino from a zero-tax haven (as an offshore company). When registering as an offshore company, various specialized start-up agencies can help you, e.g., SLOGOLD.

How can I upgrade a game from “with copyright notice“ to “without copyright notice“?

You can find out more about this topic HERE.

Is bitcoin functionality included by default?

Yes, bitcoin functionality is included by default in our CMS. You don’t need to buy this functionality separately, unlike with many other providers.

What is the software’s standard language?

The software’s standard language is English, but you are welcome to contact us if you wish to change the software to another language. We would be happy to make you an offer.

Are there any recurring or other fees?

No. You only make a one-time payment. However, if you request individual, custom-made products or have other requests, extra costs will be incurred, e.g., the purchase of extra games.

Why do you offer easy versions of certain games?

Research has shown that the most popular games are those that are very easy to learn. Quite a few traditional table games are too complex for many players, so we simplified these games to make them accessible to a wider audience.

How can I contact you?

You are welcome to contact us via e-mail (sales@a1gambling.com) or our contact form. You can find out more about this topic HERE.

Why is your software so affordable?

First, our project involves an incredible amount of lifeblood from all those involved. Second, from the very beginning, it was our intention to develop revolutionary software at a remarkably low price. We achieved this, among other things, through a small team that currently comprises ten employees, which generally keeps costs down.

Here is one of many examples: It is part of our pricing policy that you can reach us via e-mail (sales@a1gambling.com) or contact form, as well as request callbacks, but you cannot call us directly. Thus, no financial resources are needed to fund a customer-service representative who takes calls.

Why can’t I call you directly?

The development of online casino software is a very demanding task which, due to security aspects, goes far beyond the scope of conventional computer games. Providing phone support would make our products considerably more expensive, which is diametrically opposed to our company policy. A survey of our customers has also shown that virtually none of our customers would be willing to pay extra through higher prices on our products for phone support.

We promise to answer every online request as soon as possible—and often do so within a few minutes during our working hours.

You can also request assistance from us in English or German via phone, Skype, or WhatsApp. You can request this via the contact form or e-mail (sales@a1gambling.com).

Why are you not based in German-speaking countries, although your team comprises mainly Germans?

You can find out more about this topic HERE.

Which random number generator do you use?

We use mt_rand. mt_rand is based on Mersenne Twister: „The Mersenne Twister is a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). It is by far the most widely used general-purpose PRNG.“

You can learn more about this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mersenne_Twister

Where can I find technical requirements?

Technical requirements can be found HERE.

Where can I find technical information?

Technical data can be found HERE.

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