After you have purchased one of our products, you will receive a zip file from us.

Unzip this file into the root directory of your web space to which your URL points.

After you have done this, the following installer should appear when you open your URL in a browser.

You may see error messages as shown above. How to fix them is not part of this guide. If necessary, ask your system administrator for advice.

Fill in the required fields like database information and email and click on Install when you are ready.

The installation process follows. It usually takes only a few moments. Usually this runs without error messages. If error messages do follow, they are usually harmless. A summary follows. We recommend deleting the installation data for security reasons.

Now enter the following address in the address field: "http[s]://[www.]your_url/admin". Log in with the data you entered during the installation.

Now click on "Pages" and then on "Home page". Now select the "Settings" tab in the upper left corner and change the page type from "Page" to "Game Holder". Save everything and from now on your home page should list all games.

Now log out and go to your home page. Click on Register to create a test profile. Under certain circumstances, an error message will appear when you create the first user profile. Therefore we will now generate a test profile to make sure that the error does not occur.

Here is a screenshot of the registration page.

The following error message may occur, but only for the first user created.