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Our success = your success! Open new doors with our revolutionary product! We offer a new kind of online casino software:

  • Cost-effective
  • Only a one-time payment
  • Bitcoin capable
  • Desktop capable
  • HTML5 – mobile capable
  • German quality
  • No Adobe Flash
  • Independence from our designers
  • Much more…


Our online casino software is aimed at virtually every online entrepreneur worldwide. With the expansion of mobile Internet, operating your own casino is particularly lucrative. In a growing number of countries that have insufficient or no Internet coverage, or in particular, mobile terminals, humans have discovered the boundless possibilities of the World Wide Web.


The earning possibilities with our partner program are unique! Forget about the affiliate programs where you get 50% of the sales revenue, but in the end, you get only a few Euro per sale. When a customer you have referred to our program buys one of our products, you will receive a commission for every single purchase. This commission applies to current and future purchases by any customer you refer to us. With us, you receive 20% of the turnover. With an average turnover of 13,000 Euro per customer, this results in an average affiliate commission of 2600 Euro per referral!


We are a team of German-speaking programmers and designers. In accordance with our German business culture, we also respect the rights of third parties. We do not use any motifs in our online casino software without the copyright holder’s permission. In particular, motifs from well-known Hollywood films or video games may be used. We know of competitors who illegally use motifs from well-known Hollywood films or video games. In such cases, those who purchase the online casino software that illegally uses these copyrighted logos are the ones who ultimately suffer the negative consequences.


Our selection consists of well-known online casino games, and the number of our games is deliberately kept low. Currently, we offer 50+ games for which we have considered the scientific findings. An infinite range of games is counterproductive to online casino operators’ revenues (read more HERE). Nonetheless, our product range is constantly being expanded, which will allow our partners to address additional buyer groups.


We appreciate our partners’ trust in our products. For this reason, we provide regular support through time-limited discount codes. In addition, we regularly publish new posts on our website, in which new developments and the advantages of our software are highlighted. This information gives you the opportunity to constantly provide new and convincing arguments for the purchase of our software.


As soon as you have reached a commission of at least 1000 Euro, you can ask us to pay you out. This means that our partners are often paid a commission after only one purchase by a referred customer. We will transfer your money to a bank account of your choice, provided that transfers to your bank account are supported by our bank (transfers to accounts in countries like Myanmar, Cambodia, Iran etc. cannot be executed). Any transfer fees will be deducted from your commission. Alternatively, we can pay our partners in Bitcoin. Any transaction fees will be deducted from your commission.

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