Examples of SilverStripe add-ons (more than 1800 available)

  • Error-Page
  • SPAM-Protection / Akismet antispam module
  • Tag-Field
  • Blog
  • support for the Google Sitemaps XML
  • Fulltext Search
  • Redirected URLs
  • addressable and geocoding module
  • HTML5 Support
  • commenting functionality
  • spellcheck support
  • tracking of broken external links
  • Import of OpenOffice-compatible files (doc, docx, etc)
  • SilverStripe Omnipay Payment Module
  • PDF export capability for pages in CWP
  • form fields
  • Implementation of the Facebook Open Graph protocol
  • search and export interfaces for datasets
  • RSS feeds
  • google map field: Save locations using latitude/longitude DataObject fields
  • SVG support
  • Toolset to help with the day by day maintenance work
  • DebugBar
  • Composer Update Checker: Checks if any composer packages needs to be updated
  • dropdown fields
  • CWP fulltextsearch integration module
  • Content review: Flag pages for periodical author review (incl. reporting)
  • email notifications for visitor comments
  • Email obfuscator
  • SEO Editor Administration
  • Export large data sets from your GridField
  • Autocomplete text fields
  • GeoIP
  • Add trait autoloading
  • Populate your database through YAML files
  • generate a sitemap page
  • Library that adds smtp mail support
  • Set character length recommendations
  • annotate objects with metadata
  • Social media sharing previews and customisation
  • drag & drop grouping of items
  • insert Shortcodes
  • Event Calendar
  • SilverStripe Omnipay UI Module
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Enable encryption of data at rest (in database)
  • Document Management System
  • SilverStripe payment provider integration. Currently supported: DPS, Eway, Paypal, Paystation, Worldpay
  • cyber-duck / silverstripe-seo: optimise the Meta, crawling, indexing, and sharing of your website content
  • SilverStripe SEO: SEO module for Silverstripe
  • revstrat / silverstripe agegate: Adds age-gate for verifying visitor’s eligibility to view restricted content
  • Forum Module
  • silverstripe-languageprefix: Extends silverstripe-translatable to allow for (custom) language prefixes on multilingual sites
  • create custom data lists
  • display a collection of images
  • Silverstripe Twitter Card Module
  • Simple Twitter feed for Silverstripe
  • Add a Google Map (optionally with Streetview)
  • PHPMailer implementation for SilverStripe
  • SilverStripe Locator Module. Show locations on a map.
  • Silver Stripe module to display social network links
  • Google’s new “high-intelligence” reCAPTCHA approach
  • News module
  • Record and track changes to any dataobjects
  • ability to extend images in SilverStripe
  • ajax support
  • SEO Metadata: Enhanced SEO metadata module for the SilverStripe framework
  • Add Google Site Search
  • Silverstripe Translatable extension for DataObjects
  • robots generation module
  • Silvertripe module to manage and display testimonials
  • MSSQL: Adds MSSQL support to SilverStripe
  • SEO Icons: Enhanced SEO favicon and application icon module
  • ABC SilverSTripe Social: Library that adds some social media functionality
  • Embed YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Facebook Tools: Facebook LikeBoxPage, Like Button, Metadata
  • Twitter Module
  • Page types for our gallery module
  • Adds error log viewer to /dev
  • Silverstripe Site Designer
  • Member notification module
  • Featured Products List
  • Add adverts to a site filtering by category
  • Treacy SilverStripe Welcome: Welcome screen
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Staffprofiles: SilverStripe module for staff profiles
  • Timeline: Provides an timeline view of events
  • SSGallery: SilverStripe Gallery
  • Instagram Module for SilverStripe
  • FAQ page Module
  • termsandconditions: add a terms and conditions page to your silverstripe website
  • Drop-in configurable notice about cookies
  • Programmatically define default groups
  • Display global messages to visitors
  • Facebook Instant Articles RSS Feed
  • Easily send emails via Mandrill
  • Chimpify: Generate MailChimp Campaign content from SilverStripe blogs
  • SilverStripe SEO friendly data object
  • WP Import: WordPress import tool for the SilverStripe Weblog module
  • Product catalog
  • PHP7 module for Silverstripe 3.2
  • Allows to edit tables in wysiwyg style
  • Allows image compression via kraken.io
  • Authenticate CMS users with Google’s Website Sign-in
  • Social Media tracking
  • Language editor
  • Terms and conditions checkbox field for SilverStripe
  • Manages emails, session and request alerts
  • Automatically translate subsite pages
  • knowledgebase module
  • Articles module
  • wordpress importer that handles various operations
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