Management System

Management System (CMS)

The heart of our software is a CMS (content management system), which controls all processes (back end and front end) and, in addition to the requirement that you buy at least one game, it is a prerequisite for setting up your online casino.

You can also use different SilverStripe CMS add-ons. A list of add-ons and their functions can be found HERE.

You can buy our CMS HERE. If you want further functions, we would be happy to look into this and make you an offer if required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use our contact form.

Description of CMS Functionalities in Detail

Back-End PageFront-End Page

The back end contains a list of all games found in the database. The additional extra field “Classes” assigns one or more classes to games (for selection in GameHolder). A game can have any number of classes, which are separated by spaces. If you switch from the “Games” tab to the “Transactions” tab, you can see every transaction that a player has made. Each time a game changes the player’s account balance, it is logged here.

Page-type GameHolder for displaying game previews: GameHolder has the extra field “Class Filter” in the back end. Only games corresponding to specified classes are displayed.

A “Merchant” back end is also available. With this back-end page, the operator can enter his IPN secret and his Merchant ID so that players can pay in bitcoin via

To log in a user, the email address and password are requested, then the log-in button is clicked.

Alternatively, new users should push the “Register” button, which sends them to a page that requests your email address, your chosen password, and password repetition. The user then accesses the front-end user profile. If you are not logged in as a user, buttons or options appear for “Logout” and for editing the front-end user profile.

Front-end user profile: Here, the users (or customers) can change their names, email addresses, or passwords. Furthermore, the option “Recharge Credit” appears in the form’s header. Clicking on “Recharge Credit” takes you to a new page where you can load an amount (in bitcoins). If you then click on “Pay,” you will be directed to to pay.

Games: If you are logged in as a user, clicking on a game will take you directly to the game, where you can play with credit loaded onto your profile. If you are not yet logged in as a user, you will be taken to a page that displays the options “Login,“ “Register,“ and “Play for Free“. The first two options redirect the user to the respective pages. The “Play for Free“ option will take the user directly to the game; however, with this option, the user will not play with his own credit, but with a “test credit“ of 500 units. Users can get to know and love the games and the catchy tunes during game play.

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