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Our online casino software was designed to be mobile from the start. We use the latest technologies (HTML5). Your customers do not need to download an app to play.


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Are you looking for an innovative solution in the field of online casino software? We got what you want!

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The Features of Our Revolutionary Software at a Glance:

  • Extremely simple installation: Runs on most web servers without further adjustments
  • Desktop and mobile capabilities (HTML5)
  • User page: No download necessary
  • 50+ games
  • Easy versions of popular casino games for beginners
  • Fun gaming experiences
  • Latest technologies
  • HTML5
  • PHP 7.2
  • Bitcoin compatible (already integrated; no additional costs)
  • Use of the renowned mt_rand random number generator
  • Built on renowned CMS SilverStripe
  • Use of SilverStripe add-ons
  • Ability to create your own templates (SilverStripe)
  • Hosting on your server
  • Implementation of special customer requests (at an extra charge)
  • Lifelong support

Our Product is Revolutionary

Our German team has been developing our software for over five years using trendsetting technologies from the very beginning. We decided on HTML5 instead of Flash in order to make our software mobile capable. Furthermore, we saw the potential of Bitcoin many years ago, and our software allows Bitcoin as a payment method. If you operate your online casino as a pure Bitcoin casino, you may not even need a high-priced casino license.

The Key Features of Our Online Casino Software

Cost-effectiveness: With us, you receive services that would otherwise cost dearly with many other providers. Our prices are among the lowest on the market, yet you receive software that is both high quality and secure.

Add-ons: You can benefit from the functionalities of the SilverStripe CMS (Link) and use the free SilverStripe add-ons already available. Other add-ons are available for minimal costs. In contrast, other providers often charge for the slightest additional functionalities.

Templates: With other providers, you may have to pay for expensive templates and then be 100% dependent on the developer’s company. Furthermore, there may be only a small selection of templates available. This is not the case with us. If you buy our software, you are independent from us because our software is based on the SilverStripe CMS. Therefore, you can hire any SilverStripe developer of your choice to create as many templates as you desire. This provides an opportunity to be unique and, in many cases, not share the same design with 1,000 of your competitors.

Who Is Best Suited for Our Software?

  • Operators of Bitcoin online casinos
  • Operators of online casinos using fiat money
  • Newcomers to the online casino trade
  • Anyone interested in initially taking on only a small entrepreneurial risk
  • Anyone looking for an interim solution (due to our extremely low acquisition costs)

Buy Online Casino Software

Are you wondering if the software you buy from us is really unrestricted online casino software? The answer is yes! We deliver an online casino script at an unbeatable one-time price. What’s more, Bitcoin functionality is already available in our online casino software, without you having to purchase it separately at a high price. We therefore offer not only a “normal” online casino script but also fully-fledged online Bitcoin casino software.

To avoid confusion: The terms “online casino software” and “online casino script” are synonymous. These terms refer to the software that has been specially programmed to perform casino functions on the Internet. The programming of such software requires special know-how, and not every software developer is able to cope with the high complexity of such software. This complexity applies not only to the game processes that have to be implemented but also to the security tactics that guard against manipulation. The development of online casino software is much more demanding than that of ordinary online or PC games and requires a supreme knowledge of programming.

The term “Bitcoin online casino software” describes the software extension for Bitcoin functionality. Bitcoin is a crypto currency, the use of which is booming in online casinos. Bitcoin can be used to reach players in countries where gambling with fiat money is prohibited or where opening a bank account is not an easy and instant option for everyone as it is in the Western world.

Thus, there are no differences between the terms “online casino software” and “online casino script.” Bitcoin functionality is also included as a standard feature in our software at no extra cost. When you purchase our online casino software that works with Bitcoin, it is ready to use immediately. We are happy to implement other payment methods as well, such as credit card payments, for an additional charge.

Bitcoin Functionality

Why did we add Bitcoin functionality to our online casino software? Quite simply, to be able to offer a top-notch product in the interests of our customers. In contrast to most other providers on the market, we do not charge a single cent for Bitcoin functionality.

The considerations for making our online casino software Bitcoin-enabled were very practical. The world of online casinos is changing. In many countries, playing with real money is prohibited by law, but playing with Bitcoin is not—or at least it’s not regulated. This is due to the nature of Bitcoin, which is decentralized and not regulated by any bank or country in the world. Online casinos with Bitcoin functionality thus have access to groups of buyers via Bitcoin that they would otherwise not reach at all. In addition, there are many countries, particularly developing ones, where people cannot easily open a bank account for various reasons. Opening an account in five minutes by mouse-click is a Western-world luxury and not a matter of course.

However, there are other important reasons why our online casino script was initially designed as Bitcoin online casino software. As mentioned, the world of online casinos is changing. It is becoming increasingly difficult for operators to offer adequate payment options. More and more banks and payment service providers are denying their services to online casinos. With Bitcoin, online casino operators and their players are completely independent of banks and payment service providers. You can immediately set up a Bitcoin Wallet for your casino yourself. No time delays, and no tiresome and sometimes lengthy and elaborate KYC procedures from banks.

No License at Online Bitcoin Casinos

One of the most important arguments for our online Bitcoin casino software is the nature of Bitcoin, which is not regulated. This allows you to operate a Bitcoin online casino in many countries without an online casino license. You can start immediately.

Independent of Our Designers

Our software uses the SilverStripe CMS, so your website designer/developer will be completely independent of our designers. You can hire any SilverStripe developer of your choice, worldwide.

There is also a monetary advantage to using our online casino software. Many software developers are primarily interested in creating customer dependency on their products and services. Our online casino software is revolutionary in this area since we encourage independence and have our customers’ best interests in mind.

SilverStripe CMS

Our online casino software is based on the SilverStripe CMS. Unlike most of our competitors, we offer you software that is based on an award-winning and secure CMS. This offers the advantage that our online casino software is considerably less susceptible to errors, which is unfortunately not uncommon in the case of the completely in-house developments by smaller providers on the market.

Worldwide Unique Concept

Our concept is unique. We offer fully-fledged online casino software at a reasonable one-time price that includes Bitcoin functionality. Our software is perfect for the professionals in the online casino business as well as for newcomers or entrepreneurs who, for a variety of reasons, are looking for online casino software as an interim solution. We are the only supplier in the world to fill this market gap at an unbeatable price. No recurring payments. Just one single payment. Now and forever. Guaranteed.

Our online casino software is perfect for professional online casino operators and beginners in the online casino business.

Our Software for Experienced Online Casino Operators

Our customers have different experiences in the online casino business. Our experienced customers use our online casino software to save significantly on the costs required by many of our competitors—especially the recurring monthly costs. When you purchase our online casino software, you only pay a low one-time price.

Are You Still Gaining Experience in the Online Casino Industry?

The online casino business is extremely interesting and lucrative for online entrepreneurs who have already gained experience with other online businesses.

Our less-experienced customers first want to familiarize themselves with our online casino software and the online casino business. With their high monthly fixed costs, our competitors’ offers are simply too cost-prohibitive. Because of these expensive costs, the relatively inexperienced online entrepreneurs using our competitors’ software can only gradually familiarize themselves with the online casino market. Already the successful establishment of a website with Google and other search engines and the necessary search engine optimization (SEO) takes at least one year. Do you really want to spend a lot of money on online casino software during this time, which can sometimes last several years, even though you aren’t actually using this software?

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Another reason to use our online casino software is for SEO reasons. Google and other search engines honor already established, long-standing websites that have a certain amount of content. So based on the peculiarities of the big search engines, these websites are duly rewarded with first-page placement on those search engines. The process of getting on that first page, however, takes time. This time online casino operators can buy with our online casino software at a low one-time price—without high monthly costs.

We think it makes a significant difference whether you spend 15,000 or 25,000 euros on our software or 150,000+ euros on competing software during this time. Remember, in the early years of your online casino operations, your anticipated revenue—as with any new business—is still low.


Because our software is based on the SilverStripe CMS, you may be able to use the already-existing, free CMS add-ons for your own project. Other providers may charge thousands of euros per add-on! As mentioned, most online casino software vendors are anxious to create customer dependency. We’ve broken that mold by allowing this add-on possibility worldwide.

Online Casino License from Costa Rica

If you want to operate your online casino with fiat money or equip your Bitcoin online casino with a casino license, we recommend obtaining an online casino license from Costa Rica, since online gambling is not regulated there. Having an online casino license from Costa Rica will allow you to inexpensively operate an online casino worldwide.

The time to obtain an online casino license from Costa Rica is also relatively short. The entire process takes one to four months, depending on the company formation provider. However, some providers also sell existing licenses (including company licenses) immediately. Another argument for running your own online casino from Costa Rica is taxes. Unless you live in Costa Rica, your online casino company is tax-exempt in Costa Rica.

The Language of Our Online Casino Software

The default language of our software is English. If you want our front and/or back end in languages other than English, we would be happy to make you an offer. We understand that changing our software language is an important option and can do this for a cost.

Contact Us

Need to contact us? We generally communicate in English and German. However, we will absolutely try to answer queries in any language!


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