Open your own online casino: Here’s what you need to know!

The online casino industry has been growing rapidly for years, and concrete figures and various studies regarding this growth are available. For many years now, owning an online casino has been regarded as the holy grail for earning money on the Internet. This business is simply too lucrative for online entrepreneurs to NOT pay attention to it. Most people who are interested in online casinos are aware of one thing: if they don’t open one, someone else will! The developments in the area of crypto currencies, in particular Bitcoin, have recently given the online casino industry an enormous boost.

On this page, we explain how to open your own online casino and how easy it is with our online casino software.

Here are the most important facts at a glance. You need:

  • Online casino software (ideally desktop and mobile capable software like ours)
  • A hosting provider (low-cost annual contracts)
  • An online casino license, depending on jurisdiction
  • A very inexpensive online casino license from, for example, Costa Rica. When using Bitcoin as a payment method, an online casino license may not be necessary.

As you can see, the barriers to entering the online casino business have continued to decline over the years, especially with the advent of Bitcoin. Online gambling with fiat money is forbidden in many countries, but it becomes legal with Bitcoin. By using Bitcoin as a payment method, further hurdles are eliminated, such as searching for payment providers or obtaining a suitable online casino license, which is sometimes not even necessary!

Laws of Online Gambling

Depending on your personal country of residence and the location of your online casino company, you will have to deal with the different legal aspects of online gambling. This applies to online casino licenses and taxes. If you want to run your online casino with fiat money, you will need an online casino license. The most expensive licenses are from the European Union countries, and you will pay hig business taxes as well if you obtain your license from the EU. Having a European Union casino license has a positive effect on players within the EU itself as it adds to the positive reputation of the casino. However, the hurdles to obtaining a license from the EU are very high. In Malta, for example, your basic share capital requirement is 40,000 Euro. And the costs don’t stop there. European Union licenses are also issued by Gibraltar, Alderney, and the Isle of Man. The latter two jurisdictions are small islands and not part of the European Union, and Gibraltar is leaving the EU together alongside the United Kingdom. In the end, you must determine how valuable a license from the EU could be for you. Most countries or small islands in the EU that issue such licenses are ultimately laxly-formed entities that indirectly profit from the good reputation of the larger EU countries such as Germany or France. In reality, the practical and long-term benefits of obtaining an EU-issued license are not discernible, as many online casino operators have gone bankrupt on their road to happiness thanks to the high cost of their European licenses.

We have therefore developed a low-cost model to help you get started in this lucrative business. We believe that everyone should have a fair chance to gain a foothold in the online casino business through hard work. The key to your success is our inexpensive online casino software in combination with Bitcoin as a means of payment. If you want to operate your online casino with fiat money, we recommend an online casino license from Costa Rica for the above reasons, unless anything to the contrary is indicated in your individual case. Costa Rican licenses are the least expensive worldwide, and your company is tax-exempt in Costa Rica. Your tax burden in Costa Rica is de facto zero. Find out more about this topic HERE.

Relatively new on the market are Bitcoin online casinos. If you want to operate an online casino based on Bitcoin, you may not have to worry about an online casino license, because you do not need one. This is due to the characteristics of Bitcoin, which we explain HEREBitcoin + our online casino software = an unbeatable business model!

Payment options

We don’t want to fool you. It is becoming increasingly difficult for online casino operators to find payment service providers anywhere who are willing to enter this high-risk area. But there is a solution. The industry’s new magic word is Bitcoin. Bitcoin opens up completely new opportunities for you. Anyone anywhere can instantly access a Bitcoin account via this decentralized payment method and start sending and receiving transactions. There are no large-scale KYC procedures (Know your customer), which are becoming increasingly extensive even for private bank accounts. Our online casino software therefore has Bitcoin functionality as its standard, and you pay nothing extra for it. Bitcoin has become so popular in the industry that new online casinos are partly becoming solely Bitcoin casinos!

But what other advantages does Bitcoin have for your players and casino operators?

In many countries around the world, people cannot simply open a bank account or gain access to payment systems such as PayPal or Stripe. For example, Stripe offers its services in only 25 countries. Do you know how many countries in which PayPal works only to a limited extent or not at all? The number is astounding! Then, if you offer payment by credit card, you can expect the first problems to appear. The unsightly keyword with credit card payments is “chargebacks.” You will have these chargeback problems if you get an account with one of these credit card payment providers, who will subject you to a thorough financial check. The same applies to PayPal. Additionally, if you really want to offer credit card or PayPal payment options, you will have many associated costs which are indirectly incurred. And the direct costs—especially with the credit card providers in high-risk areas—are horrendous.

Conclusion: Bitcoin is a blessing for the industry. Many new online casinos today are solely Bitcoin online casinos!

Online Casino Software

You should pay particular attention to online casino software, which will be the foundation of your casino. The software should work on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Some online casino software vendors have disappeared from the market because they failed to convert their Flash-based software to HTML5. In addition, this mobile trend is moving toward software that doesn’t require the users to install an app on their mobile devices. Keep in mind that in the business of online gambling, a user requirement to install an app is always an entry hurdle. Low-threshold offerings are therefore in demand, i.e., online casinos that don’t require their users to install an app.

We can assure you that our online casino software meets these requirements as it is both HTML5-based and mobile. Your clients will not need to install an app. You can find out more about this topic HERE.

Entry fees and monthly fees from online casino software vendors

A peculiarity of the online casino industry is profit sharing, which, to put it directly, we compare to the relationship between pimps and prostitutes. Normally, online casino operators have to pay the online casino software manufacturer a 5-digit sum to get started. The profits generated by the online casino are then usually shared 50-50 between the operator and the software vendor. In addition, the operator usually has to pay very high monthly fees to the software developer.

We are one of the first online casino software vendor in the world to break away from this system!

With us, you pay a fair price only once! No recurring costs, no profit sharing! Once you have purchased the precisely defined rights to our online casino software, you will never have to deal with us again! You can get to our shop HERE.

Find a niche and concentrate on one market

As with any business, it is important to find your individual niche. It is advisable to concentrate on a specific country and offer the best possible service. Thanks to the implementation of the Bitcoin payment option in our online casino software, you can also reach countries where people now have mobile devices but where it is difficult to open a bank account, for example, in some Latin American and African countries.

Your website

In addition to the software you use, your website is essential. Your website is the spotlight on your business and should be especially appealing. You must also consider the tastes of the people living in the country in which you want to become active. If your website is well done, you have already surpassed the biggest hurdle, and your prospects of becoming successful in the online casino business are increased.

A special feature of our online casino software is that you are not dependent on our designers. Our software is based on the renowned SilverStripe CMS, so you can hire a SilverStripe developer of your choice to design a fantastic website for you!

This is a rarity in the business in that most online casino software vendors are anxious to create dependencies between themselves and their software operators.

Last but not least: Finance

Normally, you will need a 6-digit sum to open your own online casino due to the costs involved with many online casino software vendors. We have broken with this principle and offer a mobile online casino software including Bitcoin functionality at a one-time low price. A few thousand Euro are enough to use our software. If you operate your casino with Bitcoin, you may also be able to save a few thousand Euro with an online casino license from Costa Rica!

If you don’t yet have any experience in the online casino business, you can still acquire it thanks to our inexpensive online casino software. With other providers, you pay thousands of Euro per month whether you make a profit or not!

You have so little to lose but so much to win! The online casino business is a global billion-Euro market. There is a lot of money to be earned in the gambling business, and the sales from online casinos are reaching new records every year.


Never before has it been so easy to open your own online casino, thanks to Bitcoin, which enables problem-free transactions across all borders, is decentralized, and is not regulated. You may not even need a casino license for a Bitcoin casino! If you want to offer a casino with fiat money as a payment option, you can easily find a casino license in Costa Rica. The requirements to get a casino license in Costa Rica are very simple—there practically are none!

To sum up:

  • Anyone can open an online casino.
  • With our innovative online casino software, the seed capital can be only a few thousand Euro.
  • You can have your website designed by a SilverStripe developer of your choice.
  • It is very easy to apply for an online casino license in Costa Rica.
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