Our software is revolutionary in several ways. We feature the lowest prices combined with the latest technologies like HTML5 (mobile) and Bitcoin functionality.

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The following are the most important features of our software at a glance:

  • Desktop and mobile capabilities (HTML5)
  • User page: No download necessary
  • 50+ games
  • Easy versions of well-known and popular games
  • Easy versions of popular casino games for beginners
  • Playing our games is fun
  • Latest technologies
  • 100% HTML5
  • PHP 7.2
  • No Flash
  • Runs on most web servers without further adjustments
  • Mobile capabilities thanks to HTML5
  • CMS fully integrated (get to the shop HERE)
  • Fully customizable
  • CMS based on SilverStripe—use different SilverStripe add-ons
  • Many different games (get to the shop HERE)
  • Bitcoin payment system already integrated (no surcharge!)
  • Create your own templates (using SilverStripe)
  • Host on your server

Explanation of Individual Points

One-Time Payment

It is common for providers of online casino software to have their software gold-plated several times. Usually, an entry fee is due, as well as monthly payments, which may consist of a fixed amount and/or a share of a casino’s profits. With us, you only pay one time for the ordered product, and there are no recurring payments.

No Recurring Payments

Most providers of online casino software want a share of a company’s profits. It is also common to owe four-digit monthly sums, even if no profit is made. This is comparable to a subscription. With us, there are NO recurring payments! You are guaranteed to make only one payment for the product you order.

Desktop and Mobile Capabilities (HTML5)

From the start, our software has been designed to make use of the latest technologies. For example, we have applied HTML5. Thanks to HTML5, all of our games are completely mobile and independent of Flash.

No Flash

We do not use Flash; instead, we work exclusively with HTML5. Many providers of online gambling software still offer games based on Flash. However, Flash is a dying technology that players have to install. Since Flash is cumbersome to download, it can create a considerable barrier to entry, but this does not exist for our players. Flash can also cause many technical problems. For example, it is common for Flash to crash, causing a game to end. Users who experience such behavior will eventually turn their backs on a casino.

CMS is fully integrated and customizable.

Many Games

We offer a wide variety of different games, including classic and popular casino games like roulette and slots. In addition, we offer various card games, keno and wheel of fortune.

Easy Versions of Well-Known and Popular Games

We also offer “easy” versions of some games where the hurdle for players to enter the game is minimal. Players tend to prefer games where the rules are not complex. After all, let’s not forget that money is also important to customers.

Fun Factor

Let’s face it, some online gambling games are simply not fun. The development of online casino software, including games, is a mammoth task. The system must first be secure. Ultimately, games can look great, have integrated music, and, of course, work, but they are simply not fun.

In short, our games are fun! You will find that our games are real entertainment. By clicking on the individual games in our catalogue, you will have the opportunity to test our games free of charge (Link).

Safety and Security


A payment system for coinpayments.net is already part of our software suite. Simply log in to the CMS backend and add your trader ID. The system automatically takes care of the rest. A separate profile module is available for your customers. There, they can enter their contact details and top up their credit using coinpayments.net.

If you desire further payment systems, we can implement them for you with a surcharge. A price list for additional services can be found HERE. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message. We will answer them as soon as possible.

Hosting on Your Server

Our software is hosted on your server, not by us. Servers are available for rent from the appropriate providers. Our software also runs on most web servers without any further adjustments. You are, therefore, independent from us.

security features

Freedom to Develop Your Own Templates

Many providers of gambling software have templates or themes paid very dearly for. For some, the choice is ridiculously small. Do you want to use the same theme as 100 of your competitors? I didn’t think so.

With us, you do not have to spend huge sums on themes, and you are completely independent from our developers. Simply hire a SilverStripe developer of your choice and have them create a theme that fits your exact specifications. There is no dependence on us, and you can save a lot of money with this aspect.

What We Do Not Offer

We do not offer a selection of thousands of games, and we can explain why.

First, the selection of games we develop is based on practical considerations. There has been a ranking of the most popular online casino games, and roulette and slots are at the forefront. We offer these in combination with other casino games (Link). In addition, we have developed various easy versions of some well-known games (Link). These easy versions are ideal for beginners. Research has shown that players tend to prefer games where the rules are less complex.

There has also been a ranking of the most popular casino games. These include roulette and slots. In the case of slots, the traditional fruit motif from the 19th century is still the most popular among players. Of course, we have many roulette and slot variants on offer.

In short, online casinos are like real life. Let’s use the chocolate isle in the supermarket as an example. There, you will often find dozens of different types of chocolate. However, be honest—when was the last time you bought a different type of chocolate other than your favorite? It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Additionally, many people feel overwhelmed when presented with too many choices. Think of that counterproductive and queasy feeling of standing in front of shelves with a huge selection and not knowing exactly what to choose. This feeling is natural and dates back to the beginnings of human development.

We have put our heart and soul into the selection of games that we offer. Some games are simple but quickly have addictive potential—in both positive and negative ways. Test our games for yourself.

Of course, we are also aware that there are companies on the market who have thousands of casino games in their portfolios. However, this usually consists of a group of games from different software developers, and their prices are so high compared to ours that you need to ask for a quote first. In addition to relatively high entry fees, you usually also have to pay a large portion of profits. This is not our intention. From the beginning, we have designed our products to combine fun with fair pricing. Our goal has been to achieve a sensational price-performance ratio that has not yet been available on the market. With us, you only pay a one-time price, and there are no recurring fees!


Have you ever noticed that in the online casino sector, even the smallest functionality can cost thousands of euros? We have, too! However, that’s not the case with us. With our software, you have the ability to use different add-ons of the well-known SilverStripe CMS. Yes, you have read that correctly! Save huge sums by using already existing add-ons, some of which are free.

Note: Please be aware that there are more than 1,800 SilverStripe add-ons available, so for obvious reasons, it is not possible to tell which add-ons will work for your individual case needs.

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