Target Countries

There are 194 nations on Earth and 7.53 billion people (as of 2017). Turnover in the gambling market is constantly increasing. While the industry’s revenue growth in 2006 stood at 99.88 billion US dollars, it rose within ten years to an incredible 182.77 billion US dollars in 2015.

How Should These Numbers Be Interpreted? That’s Relatively Simple!

If online casinos operators capture only a tiny fraction—mere breadcrumbs—of this market, they automatically become multimillionaires.

Target countries are especially “traditional” gambling countries (Europe, U.S., Asia) and countries where the gambling industry is still developing or where gambling with real money is illegal (like the U.S.) and playing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is not regulated or prohibited.

Be one of the first and join us. Our online casino software can make all this possible for you.

Can You Become a Multimillionaire with Online Casino Software?

In the context of the figures cited above and the huge turnover in the gambling industry, one can realistically assume that clever contemporaries in this industry can become wealthy. However, the question is how best to do this as an online casino operator.

In our opinion, it makes the most sense to limit oneself to one target country. Design specific marketing campaigns for that one country and offer the best service.

Our Software’s Features Will Be Successful Worldwide

To help you become successful worldwide or in target countries, we have taken various industry trends into account in developing our online casino script.

First, our online casino software is mobile-capable through HTML5. Thus, a download is not necessary. This allows our software to be used even on smartphones using the factory-installed browser.

In addition, we have implemented bitcoin functionality as standard in our online casino software. This gives you the opportunity to reach people who cannot easily open a bank account.

Online Casinos in Developing Countries

Our online casino software also is particularly suitable for opening online casinos in so-called developing countries. In these countries, many people increasingly have smartphones, but not desktop PCs. Thanks to the use of HTML5, our software also runs on mobile devices without the need to download outdated software such as Flash or an app.

In addition, it is difficult or impossible for many people in these countries to open bank accounts, and the use of cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, allows you to tap into these segments of the global population. Therefore, cryptocurrencies allow you to reach consumers who previously could not access online casinos.

Be the first to join us and tap into these consumer segments. Our sensational online casino software, at a minimal price, can help you become successful in your target country.


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