Online Casino License

If you want to operate a pure bitcoin casino, you should first check whether you need a casino license at all. You can find out more about this topic HERE.

If you want to operate a casino with fiat money (real money), you can purchase a license in different jurisdictions. We specialize in the development of online casino software and do not broker or sell casino licenses. Special providers would be happy to assist you in obtaining a license. In general, these providers can help you with the following aspects:

  • Application for gambling licenses
  • Application for business accounts
  • Application for merchant accounts and payment solutions
  • Preparation of business plans

Why an Online Gambling License From Costa Rica?

Before you start your casino, you should always consider all legal aspects for your individual case when obtaining an online gambling license. However, there are good reasons to obtain your license from Costa Rica:

  • Low-priced: starting from approximately EUR 1,800 per year
  • Friendliest gambling jurisdiction worldwide
  • No laws or other restrictions
  • Online gambling company available within a few weeks/months
  • Tax-free
  • Limited liability
  • Company formation independent of nationality
  • Business can be operated worldwide

Since online gambling is not regulated in Costa Rica, it is not subject to any laws. Thus, companies registered in Costa Rica in the gambling sector are exempt from taxes on their casinos.

Hurdles to obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica (a de facto data-processing license) are low, or practically non-existent, and companies specially registered to provide gambling services also operate TAX-FREE! Shareholders have limited liability.

It is worth noting that although Costa Rica has no regulations regarding online gambling, it does not allow its citizens to patronize online casinos registered in Costa Rica. Therefore, your online casino’s Internet domain will be blocked in Costa Rica itself. However, we believe that the aforementioned unbeatable advantages of this jurisdiction greatly offset the disadvantages of being denied access to less than 5 million people.

However, it you actually have the specific intention of targeting potential clientele in Costa Rica, we recommend developing an online bitcoin casino, which you may be able to operate entirely without a license. Find out more about this interesting topic HERE.

Concluding note: We do not provide any legal or tax advice. We always recommend that you have lawyers and/or tax consultants evaluate your individual case for legality.

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