Easy Poker


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Poker simplified and remade as a single player game.

Demo: click HERE

Rules of the game: The buttons for the game rules are inserted after the purchase. You can choose between our standard button and the white lettering “Rules.” If you wish to formulate your own rules, we will be happy to insert them within 14 days of your purchase at no extra charge. Otherwise, the following rules will be inserted:



The game begins with a bet. To determine how much you want to bet, click on one of the chips at the bottom left. Multiple clicks will increase the bet again by the selected value. If you wish to withdraw your bet, click on “Clear Bet.” Click “New Game” to start the game. The amount of your bet will be placed on three squares marked “Ante,” “1” and “2.” Please note that you are betting three times this amount because this value will be set on each of the three previously mentioned fields!

If you click on “New Game,” you will be shown your first three cards. You can now decide if you want to withdraw one of the three bets by clicking “Pull” or if you want to let it go with “Let It Ride.” You will then receive your fourth card, and you can decide how to bet by clicking on “2,” taking a pass with “Let It Ride” or taking it back with “Pull.”

The payouts are as follows:

  • Two 10s or more = Your bet will be refunded.
  • Two or more pairs = 2:1
  • A threesome = 3:1
  • A straight = 5:1
  • A flush (five cards of one suit) = 5:1
  • A full house (a triple and a pair) = 11:1
  • Four identical cards = 50:1
  • A straight flush (a straight of the same suit) = 200:1
  • A royal flush (an ace, king, queen, jack and a 10) = 1000:1

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