Changes in the World of Online Casino Software

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808–1890)-

The world of online casinos has been changing. Initially, this applied to the technology used. While online casino software based on Flash was popular, it is now threatened with extinction due to several disadvantages of Flash-based software. First, the user must download Flash. This process could not be overcome for many years, and Flash has been responsible for many system failures. It reached a point at which Flash developed a reputation for regularly crashing systems.

A new technology was needed, and the word for salvation was HTML5—a synonym for the future. HTML5 does not require a download and facilitates access to mobile casino games.

All our games are based on HTML5 and are mobile.

Forms, Colors, Designs

Forms, colors, designs—much has been tried when it comes to online casino software. In this section, we will focus on the development and popularity of slots.

Everyone knows them, and almost every player loves them. Slots come in all shapes and colors, but “fruit slots,” also known as “fruit machines,” are the most recognizable slot style. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Basically, this is typical human behavior: Consumers buy what they know and like. For example, many people buy a certain type of chocolate almost all their lives—their favorite—despite having hundreds of different types of chocolate from which to choose.

Our Online Casino Software’s Advantages

We have taken this user behavior in the online casino industry into account and have developed a slot machine with classic motifs. We have developed games that are among the most popular casino games, along with others based on more recent research. Since games whose rules are not very complex are particularly popular, we have developed various easy versions of selected games. This allows players playing, for example, Easy Craps first to learn the basics, then move up to “real” craps.

But back to the fruit slots. Since when exactly did they become popular with players and why? We will try to answer these questions in the following section.

Invention of Slots

The German-American Charles August Fey invented slots in 1887. Fey was born in Germany in 1862 and emigrated to the US in 1885 to escape military service.

Because Fey loved gambling, he built his own slot machine, called “Liberty Bell,” in 1887 due to a lack of money to visit a casino. The slot machine was born. After Fey sold his slot machines, he merged with the Mills Novelty Company to form Bell Machines in 1907. Bell Machines, in turn, launched the fruit machine in 1910. The first fruit machine was actually a vending machine with fruit symbols on the spinning wheels. Fruit machines remain popular today.

Interestingly, Fey was able to sell his slot machines from 1895 onward, but rented them out instead, with profits split 50:50. A similar principle prevails today between developers of online casino scripts and operators.

We avoided this profit-sharing principle. Instead, you pay only a one-time price with us.

Unbeatable Classic

Fey’s slot machines were popular from the beginning, especially those with fruit symbols. Fey even incorporated fruit into his company logo. The fruit slots’ popularity eventually exploded globally, and they remain popular today.

But why exactly are fruit slots so popular? Psychology offers some possible insights. It has been found that people react psychologically to certain colors. More specifically, depending on mood, people prefer certain colors. The fruit slots benefit from the fact that they use positively perceived colors. For example, few humans react negatively to the color red.

However, there is more behind fruit slots’ success, namely the human need for food, which is more than just food intake. Food is associated with conviviality and stimulates the senses. Food is also about culture. It’s not for nothing that people say culture begins with food.

Our Games

Due to fruit slots’ popularity, we naturally offer you this classic variant. To satisfy your players’ appetites further, we have also developed several other slots that will whet their appetites, including two fast-food slots that cater to clientele who prefer to play slots.

By the way, in another article we wrote about the most popular online casino games in the US. Result: Slots are by far the most popular, with 48%.

Try our games for yourself. You’ll see that our games are actually fun.

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