Online Casino Software Then and Now

Our online gambling software, which is unbeatable value, was created in the 21st century using the latest technology, including HTML5, but when and where did the casino industry actually develop?

In this section, we explore the history of casinos in Germany and elsewhere.

History of Gambling

Gambling has been around for millennia, with evidence of dice games tracing back up to 4,000 years. However, the first European casino, as we know casinos today, opened in Venice in 1638.

In Germany, the era of games of chance on a representative stage in the form of casinos was not ushered in until the 19th century. Famous casinos in Wiesbaden and Baden-Baden were built during this time.

However, this era, which began in the 1830s, ended with the foundation of the German Reich in 1870. From then on, gambling was forbidden in Germany. With the end of the Weimar Republic in 1933 and the National Socialists’ seizure of power, gambling became legal again in Germany.

Gambling Today

Then, as now, certain games enjoyed particular popularity, especially roulette. We offer roulette in several variants, namely French roulette, European roulette, and American roulette. Already here you can see how gambling has evolved over time, away from physical casinos and toward online variants.

The Internet can be viewed as a technical revolution. Keywords such as “Industry 4.0” are associated with this. This also applies to the casino industry. While this industry once was limited to casino visitors and vacationers, the industry today can solicit customers through online casinos worldwide.

For many years, players patronized online casinos mainly via desktop computers, but today, mobile devices are playing an increasingly important role.

For this reason, our mobile platform uses the latest technologies, such as HTML5. Furthermore, the entry hurdle into our service is minimal. Downloads are not necessary to play using our casino software. Even software like Flash need not be downloaded. Our online casino software can be used with most browsers without any problems.

Thus, the possibilities that mobile online casino games offer are enormous.

Even in developing countries, many people now have smartphones that they can use to access online casinos.

Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin supplement this phenomenon. In some countries, citizens cannot easily open bank accounts, but such barriers are a thing of the past thanks to the bitcoin functionality of mobile online gambling software.

Our software is both desktop- and mobile-capable and has bitcoin functionality integrated as standard, and bitcoin casino software can be supplemented with other payment options as well.

Do you have any questions? You are welcome to contact us at any time.

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