Online Roulette Software and Roulette Strategies

As one of the most popular online casino games, roulette is one of our offerings, specifically the three most popular variants: European roulette, French roulette, and American roulette.

One of the questions that online casino operators frequently ask themselves is whether roulette players can use certain strategies to win, which we will address in this section.

Online Roulette

Gambling has always been associated with pleasure. At the same time, it’s a thrill for players to place a certain bet—bitcoin, for example. Today, the casino business is gradually shifting to desktop monitors and smartphones. Many millions of players in different countries cannot play for real money, such as US dollars or euros, because gambling is forbidden in their countries.

We considered both of these circumstances in developing our casino software. On the one hand, all our games are suitable for mobile devices, and on the other hand, our casino software has bitcoin functionality by default. This gives you the potential to reach millions of players that you might otherwise not be able to reach with your own online bitcoin casino.

You can find our list of games and prices HERE.

Roulette Strategies

We assume that the principle of roulette is well known, but the question is whether roulette strategies to win actually exist. Roulette, like any game of chance, depends on the player’s luck.

Some roulette players also rely on patience, convinced that you only need to play long enough to become lucky at roulette. However, in roulette, every player has both highs and lows.

Some players use the so-called Martingale Strategy. Other popular strategies are the Simple Chance and Fibonacci Strategy. However, one thing is clear: Most players in the world have lost more money than they have won playing roulette.

No roulette player actually thrives on luck—not even in the long run. Only probability counts. Complex mathematical operations run in the background of online casinos.

Conclusion: Roulette is a game of chance, and some players are lucky, while others are not. Ultimately, probability and, in the case of online casinos, the random number generator are decisive. Many people have lost everything playing roulette, but only a few players have been big winners.

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